FLEX 2021 Core Conversions

FLEX Announces the Complete List of 2021 Core Conversions

Sandy, Utah (March 2022) – Utah-based credit union core system processor, FLEX, has announced its 2021 credit union conversions. 

A total of thirteen new credit unions converted to the FLEX System in 2021. “FLEX is proud to be at the forefront of technological innovation allowing our new and existing credit union customers to stay ahead of the digital transformation curve while serving their members in the most efficient ways,” shared Preston Packer, VP & CMO of FLEX. 

FLEX continues to rank as a leading core solution provider in the credit union core processor solution space. The 2022 Callahan & Associates’ Core Processor Market Share Guide ranks FLEX at #4  in total number of credit union clients and #3 in total credit union market share with assets greater than $20 million. 

“2021 has come to a close and now more than ever credit unions realize the need for fast and efficient delivery of core data across all member service channels and locations. As we forge forward, FLEX continues its ongoing commitment to deliver the technology credit union members expect through rapid development of new products and features,” shared Sean Holcomb, COO.

“I have said for years that there is no perfect DP solution out there.  If there was, everyone would be on it! However, we are very pleased to have partnered with FLEX as we near the end of our first year on the system.  The recommendations and references were solid and have been right on point. The FLEX system gives us everything we need and is more cost effective than our previous system. We left a “giant” core and couldn’t be more pleased. The FLEX staff has been great and I have no doubt that will continue as we become more familiar with all of the pieces of our system.” – Guy Trenhaile, President, Healthcare Plus Federal Credit Union

Healthcare Plus Federal Credit Union

“Chattanooga Federal ECU, like many credit unions, had grown complacent with our core processor of over 35 years. We accepted their limitations without question, but knew we needed to make a change to keep up with the requests from our members. We worked with a consultant who forced us to look at our people, processes and technology. He helped us identify 14 different core processors and FLEX stood out among the others. We signed with them not only because of the technology and interfacing they provide, but their corporate culture matches closely with that of Chattanooga Federal. Since conversion, we have seen a reduction in redundant procedures, increased efficiencies and greater member satisfaction with online and mobile offerings. I believe we are poised to better serve the federal employees and their families in the Chattanooga area for many years to come.” – Mark Fraker, CEO, Chattanooga Federal Employees Credit Union

Mark Fraker, CEO, Chattanooga Employees Federal Credit Union

“We knew we needed to find a partner that had sufficient staff to support us but we also wanted a core provider that wasn’t too big to care. We are excited about streamlining our lending workflow, enjoying true integration with single entries for card maintenance, and improved digital products, just to name a few. That being said, there is a lot more to a core conversion than just the fun new features for members and staff. Our staff is already much more efficient without having to re-enter data into the system multiple times. The document management component is going to be monumental. We are excited about having our forms built into the system to cut down on our paper trail. While these are just a few of the benefits we’ve seen since converting to FLEX, we are confident that we will continue to learn and utilize all of the new features and functionalities that FLEX offers, making the conversion planning and preparation worth it.”
– Rose Nealy, CEO, Dubois-Pike FCU

Rose Nealy, CEO, Dubois-Pike FCU

“We went into the conversion process knowing it would be imperative to have a good understanding of the conversion plan in its entirety. We didn’t expect everything to be perfect but having a clear vision of the plan would be paramount to a smooth transition. Ultimately, with over a year of planning for the core conversion, IFCU went live on the FLEX system. I don’t think the conversion could have gone any better. We felt comfortable the whole way through including during the planning, training, live week and the first few months that we were on FLEX. Our members have rapidly adopted the new digital products. In fact, soon after converting, we surpassed online activity and engagements from our previous digital resources. There were many positive comments on Facebook talking about some of the new features such as RDC, card controls, how joint owners access accounts, and more”. – Kevin Umlauf, CEO, Industrial Federal Credit Union

Kevin Umlauf, CEO, Industrial Federal Credit Union

“Since converting to the FLEX System Industrial Federal Credit Union has gained new efficiencies, improved member satisfaction, and experienced an increase in member adoption of products and services. It’s so nice to only maintain one system and have improved document generation and signing processes. Our loan officers and account specialists are spending more quality time interacting with members and less time with manual data entry. Document management and reducing our paper trail has already made a huge impact in our daily efficiency. Also, ACH processing used to be a very time-consuming and manual process. We used to look at thousands of exceptions because our previous system didn’t remember decisions on recurring exceptions. However, FLEX does remember ACH decisions. This feature alone has saved us hours of work everyday. Our staff also on-boarded to the core technology very quickly. We had one employee who told us she felt more comfortable on the FLEX system after the first two days than she ever felt running the previous platform.” –  Joe Straley, IT Director, Industrial Federal Credit Union

Joe Straley, IT Director, Industrial Federal Credit Union

There were a total of thirteen credit unions that converted to FLEX in 2021 and an additional ten have committed to convert in 2022. The complete list of 2021 FLEX conversions are:

NY TEAM Federal Credit Union
CEO: Robert Young
Location: Hicksville, NY
Assets: $45.84 million
Members: 5,379
Website: http://www.nyteamfcu.org/

Industrial Federal Credit Union
CEO: Kevin Umlauf
Location: Lafayette, IN
Assets: $291.22 million
Members: 29,909
Website: https://www.ifcu.com/

Chattanooga Federal Employees Credit Union
CEO: Mark Fraker
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Assets: $61.97 million
Members: 2,777
Website: https://www.cfecu.org/

Alexandria Municipal Employees Credit Union
CEO: Janet McDaniel
Location: Alexandria, LA
Assets: $29.85 million
Members: 1,861
Website: https://www.amecu.org/

Healthcare Plus Federal Credit Union
CEO: Guy Trenhaile
Location: Aberdeen, SD
Assets: $59.21 million
Members: 4,853
Website: https://hcpfcu.coop/

Kauai Teachers Federal Credit Union
CEO: Conrad Rualizo
Location: Lihue, HI
Assets: $39.30 million
Members: 3,229
Website: https://kauaifcu.com/

Victoria Federal Credit Union
CEO: Jennifer Ruiz
Location: Victoria, TX
Assets: $10.11 million
Members: 1,256
Website: https://victoriafcu.org/

Holyoke Community Federal Credit Union
CEO: Randy Hale
Location: Holyoke, CO
Assets: $41.26 million
Members: 2,820
Website: https://hcfcu.org/

Washington Area Teachers Federal Credit Union
CEO: Denise Hawk
Location: Washington, PA
Assets: $74.96 million
Members: 3,502
Website: https://www.watfcu.org/

Dubois-Pike Federal Credit Union
CEO: Rose Nealy
Location: Jasper, IN
Assets: $40.70 million
Members: 2,557
Website: https://duboispike.org/

Moonlight Credit Union
CEO: Lori Hoffman
Location: Worthington, PA
Assets: $42.92 million
Members: 2,661
Website: https://moonlightcu.com/

West Penn P&P Federal Credit Union
CEO: Helen Marinkovic
Location: Beaver, PA
Assets: $27.88 million
Members: 6,186
Website: http://westppfcu.com/

Midland Credit Union
CEO: Randy Hass
Location: Urbandale, IA
Assets: $71.01 million
Members: 4,513
Website: https://www.midlandcu.org/

Company Contact:
Preston Packer, VP & CMO

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