FLEX is an All-in-One System

“The big difference between FLEX and the other providers is the all in one system. Other systems claim to have it all, but FLEX is ALL-IN-ONE from the ground up.”

– Scott Garrett, CEO, Freedom Northwest Credit Union


Serving your members is your credit union’s primary function and FLEX ACH Origination helps you do just that. Both you and your members can set up originations to or from any financial institution in moments.


FLEX makes data management easy, so you’re not left standing in the rain. FLEX not only stores critical system and member files in the cloud, but documents and images as well. They can then be seamlessly accessed as if they were right on your desktop.


A true “lights out” system, FLEX manages data, documents, and backups automatically. Automated period closing and data vaulting give you more time and freedom.


Your core should have the ability to provide the information you need at a glance. The FLEX customizable dashboard reporting tools let you see what’s important to you in the office or on the road.


Dealing with the contracts and maintenance of dozens of third parties can keep you from running your credit union effectively, and can be costly. FLEX helps you break free of complex relationships and brings it all together in a single, comprehensive package.


Speed, reliability, and integrity are three of the most highly regarded aspects of the FLEX core system. Super-efficient server technology and VM thin clients make you more productive.

Disasters happen

The FLEX Disaster Recovery plan proactively and collaboratively ensures system failures and outages are a rare occurrence by actively measuring data thresholds, processing load limits, and even providing on-site disaster tests. Member impact is low and services like Internet and phone banking are available very quickly.

FLEX will increase your credit union’s operational efficiency.