Advanced Card Management from within the Core

“The whole point of converting to FLEX was to eliminate third-party vendors. I have used third-party add-on products in the past to serve members and we have had to make a phone call or go to an outside website to gather information. Although we have found monetary savings, the biggest benefit of FLEX card management is the ease and efficiency of the system”

– Todd Hilling, President & CEO, Sheridan Community FCU

remote controls for cards

Allow members to control the status of their debit and/or credit card through the credit union’s mobile app. Eliminate fraud by putting your members in control.

instant issue

FLEX can connect to any card instant issue processor. Create plastics on demand, allow members to set their PIN and transmit new card files in real time to your card processor.

credit cards (in-house)

Run your credit cards within your core system. FLEX treats your credit card as another loan suffix, providing real-time card information to your MSRs.

real-time debit (any network)

FLEX connects to all debit card processors and networks and provides real-time transmission of card files and information; no need to change your card processor when converting to FLEX.

card maintenance on core

Manage and maintain cardholder data from a single system; no need to use duplicate systems. The FLEX credit union core system will create efficiencies for both staff and member.


As card regulations change you can be assured that FLEX is ready to assist your credit union. FLEX is EMV certified with every major card processor.

Card Security

Your members should have confidence in your service offerings and need not worry about data breaches. Place your members in control with the FLEX core processing system, which allows for remote controls for cards through mobile apps. EMV certification for your cards is managed by FLEX with every major card processor.

FLEX will improve your access to valuable cardholder data