FLEX Announces the Complete List of 2019 Core Conversions

FLEX Announces the Complete List of 2019 Core Conversions

Sandy, Utah (January 2020) – Utah-based credit union core system processor, FLEX, has announced its 2019 credit union conversions. 

“2019 was a positive and successful year for FLEX and its credit union customers, alike”, shared Preston Packer, Director of Sales & Marketing. “We are proud to have converted 10 new credit unions to our system this past year. We also look forward to more growth as an additional 18 credit unions have signed to convert to FLEX between 2020 – 2021”.

FLEX remains a legitimate contender in the credit union core system space. The 2020 Callahan & Associates’ Core Processors Market Share guide ranks FLEX #3 in credit union market share with credit unions $20 million in assets and greater.

“It’s an exciting time to be a part of a thriving company, like FLEX,” stated Sean Holcomb, Chief Operations Officer for FLEX. “We provide an innovative product, with dedicated employees for our exceptional and collaborative customers. 2020 will be a seminal year for our product as we look to introduce new technologies across our core platform.”
“We knew we needed to take a leap forward with regards to our core processor and technology in general when we decided to move forward with a conversion. The FLEX core data processing solution along with the online services they offer, provides our members the latest technology that provides the features and simplicity our members expect. For our employees, the core system conversion created efficiencies in our organization which allows all of us to focus on helping our members financially. FLEX is a great partner that will support our growth and continued expectation of the latest technology for years to come.” – Scott Meyer, CEO at Connect Credit Union

Scott Meyer, Connect Credit Union

“We chose FLEX because we needed a system that fully and seamlessly integrated the Operations, Loans, and Accounting functions of our credit union to enable our staff members to service our members more efficiently.  We also needed a better online banking solution and mobile application that offered more integration with our third party Visa cards and our mortgage servicing company. FLEX focuses on technology, which is extremely important with our younger generation members.” – Karen Introcaso, President & Chief Executive Officer at Kaiperm Credit Union

Karen Intocaso, Kaiperm Credit Union

“As we planned for the future of our credit union, we realized that the time had come to conduct a thorough investigation of our core processing options. We looked for a solution that would meet the needs of our small credit union but more importantly, position us for growth opportunities into the future. We also wanted a core that offered a positive member experience through a home-banking product that provided the look and feel that our members and potential members alike would welcome. We chose FLEX as they allowed us to check all the boxes that were most important to us.

Additionally, FLEX has developers on staff which gave us confidence that they take seriously the need to constantly improve in a rapidly changing fintech environment.” – Darrell Rawlings, CEO at Health Care Professionals Federal Credit Union

Darrell Rawlings, CEO, Health Care Professionals FCU

“It was absolutely the right decision to choose FLEX as our core data processor. The FLEX conversion team and customer/service support were awesome. Our industry is constantly updating and integrating so a change was needed. I am specifically pleased with the speed and efficient manner I can accomplish my work to its fruition. We eagerly look forward to a long-term relationship with FLEX.” – Toby Bassnett, Operations Coordinator at Health Care Professionals Federal Credit Union

Toby Bassnett, Health Care Professionals FCU

“After evaluating several core processors, our management team was unanimous in our decision to select FLEX as our business partner. The scalable technology provided by FLEX not only meets our needs now, but will grow with us. Preparing for the future of technology was a priority for us.  We have the confidence in knowing that when we’re ready to deploy something new, FLEX will have the resources and features we need.” – Ida Chapko, CEO at Cal State LA Federal Credit Union

Ida Capko, Cal State LA FCU

“After reviewing several other systems, we chose FLEX as they offered many features that closely aligned with our business strategies. We needed a new lending system that could deliver loans timely to our members and FLEX is a system which offers that. It has streamlined our accounting department and reduced the number of daily IT tasks. We are pleased with our decision and know in time we will be impressed with new results.” – Marilyn Coomber, Manager at Teamsters Council #37 Federal Credit Union

Marilyn Coomber, Teamsters Council #37 FCU

“When we presented the FLEX system to our Board, after much discussion, the final question was ‘What’s the downside?’. There wasn’t one. Now, after conversion, there still isn’t one. FLEX’s feature-rich system definitely has met our member’s needs and wants.  Our staff loves the efficiencies gained since conversion. Win-Win!” – Thomas Gourdin, President/CEO at Firefighters Credit Union Thomas Gourdin Firefighters Credit Union


There were a total of ten credit unions that converted to FLEX in 2019 and an additional fourteen have committed to convert in 2020 and 2021. The complete list of 2019 FLEX conversions are as follows:

Connect Credit Union
CEO: Scott Meyer
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Assets: $78.2 million
Members: 5,773
Website: https://connectcu.org/

Kaiperm Credit Union
CEO: Karen Itrocaso
Location: Walnut Creek, California
Assets: $72.4 million
Members: 5,393
Website: https://kaipermcu.org/

Teamsters Council #37 Federal Credit Union
CEO: Marilyn Coomber
Location: Portland, Oregon
Assets: $58.1 million
Members: 7,655
Website: https://tcu37.com/

Cal State L.A. Federal Credit Union
CEO: Ida Chapko
Location: Los Angeles, California
Assets: $52.9 million
Members: 4,710
Website: https://calstatela-fcu.org/

Firefighters Credit Union
CEO: Thomas Gourdin
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Assets: $44.9 million
Members: 3,650

Morehead Community Federal Credit Union
CEO: Mike Alcorn
Location: Morehead, Kentucky
Assets: $37.1 million
Members: 3,885
Website: https://moreheadcommunity.com/

Molokai Community Federal Credit Union
CEO: Lawrence Lasua
Location: Kaunakakai, Hawaii
Assets: $26.9 million
Members: 4,241
Website: https://www.molokaicommunityfcu.com/

Health Care Professionals Federal Credit Union
CEO: Darrell Rawlings
Location: Richmond, Indiana
Assets:  $24.6 million
Members: 3,387
Website: https://www.hcpfcu.org/

New York University Federal Credit Union
CEO: Mira Ness
Location: New York, New York
Assets: $24.1 million
Members: 5,312
Website: https://nyufcu.com/

Cooperative Credit Union
CEO: Lyle Martin
Location: Coffeyville, Kansas
Assets: $17.8 million
Members: 3,212
Website: https://www.cooperativecu.com/

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