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Caprock Federal Credit Union Converts to FLEX

Sandy, UT (April 2017) —  Caprock Federal Credit Union converted to FLEX on April 1, 2017. With nearly $30 million in assets and over 3,300 members, Caprock FCU is an important addition to the Salt Lake City-based core processor. FLEX currently supports 40 credit unions in the Lone Star state, totaling $2.4 billion in assets and 262,000 members. The average FLEX credit union in Texas has $60 million in assets and 6,500 members.

When asked why Caprock FCU chose to convert to FLEX, CEO Dale Hansard responded, “The key reason, and our common thread, is the way that FLEX thinks through member service technology. The member is central at all levels of the FLEX system.”

The mission of Caprock FCU is to provide a progressive organization dedicated to building valuable and long-term relationships with their members through efficient products and services. “I have seen the FLEX system save time and encourage accurate record keeping in a straightforward way. I am a fan and hope to continue to be a fan for many years to come,” Hansard continued. “I believe our partnership with FLEX gives us the best chance of delivering on the mission we have pledged to our members.”

Providing efficient and timely member services should be the focal point a core system. “The more ancillary systems required to run a member services platform, the less efficient it becomes,” detailed Preston Packer, Director of Sales & Marketing for FLEX. “Member services today are about putting your members in control. From mobile banking to opening accounts online, a core processor should provide a self-service portal that is an extension of your credit union lobby,” explained Sean Holcomb, Chief Operations Officer for FLEX. “The strength of credit union software should be defined by its ability to provide member information quickly and seamlessly,” Holcomb concluded.

With 16% of FLEX users based in Texas, Caprock FCU will be among friends as they begin their life on FLEX credit union technology.

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