Software for Credit Unions

Cohesively designed from the inside out, FLEX is the most complete, natively-developed core credit union solution.

FLEXfms: The credit union industry's Facilities Management System

An integrated multidisciplinary field devoted to the coordination of space, infrastructure, people and organization.

Rather than focus on the old models of in-house vs. online, FLEX Facilities Management empowers credit unions to customize the system to best match the operational environment of the institution lending itself to increased control over cost. 

Benefits include:

  • Service Specific Automation
  • Transparent Delivery Channels
  • Zero Impact Scalability
  • IT Efficiency
  • Core Innovation
  • Reduced Cost
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"The business computing mantra of the 21st century is clearly about doing more with less. This is especially true for IT. Complex solutions replete with multiple servers . . . are out. Simplification, integration, and manageability are in."
Clay Ryder and Charles King, Sageza -

Customer Testimonials

"I want to send my congrats to the individual or individuals that headed up the upgrade team to 7.16. This group so far has given excellent support and communication before during and after the upgrade. They truly understand the meaning of support."
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