Credit Union Core Conversion

Honolulu Federal Credit Union Converts to FLEX

Sandy, UT (March 2017) —  FLEX is expanding in the warmer climes of Hawaii by partnering with Honolulu Federal Credit Union.  With a rich 80 year history of providing quality products and services, Honolulu FCU now serves over 15,000 members with $251 million in assets and operates four beautiful branches.

When Honolulu Federal Credit Union’s CEO, Mark Munemitsu, was asked why the credit union chose FLEX over other credit union core processors, he responded with three simple points, “1. All-in-one integration 2. The people of FLEX 3. The technology.”  Referring to the complete core software that FLEX offers, Munemitsu said, “unlike other core processors, FLEX develops the majority of their products in-house. This reduces the need and cost related to building interfaces with other third-party providers and ultimately creates a more robust experience for our staff and members.”  

FLEX understands that providing credit union software is only a portion of what credit unions need from their core system partner. Munemitsu continued with, “The management and staff at FLEX are personable and make you feel important as a partner, and not just another client that pays their bill. The FLEX team strives to address our concerns and I know I can always pick up the phone and talk to FLEX COO, Sean Holcomb, or any member of his executive management team if I so desire.”  Upon converting to the FLEX system, Mark concluded, “The products and services that we now enjoy are truly innovative, leading-edge and all provided to us at a fair price.”

Honolulu FCU knows how to live the good life and offers free yoga classes to their staff and members. While some credit unions experience higher levels of stress during a credit union core conversion, this Hawaii-based credit union will be practicing their Ujjayi breathing and child’s pose. Namaste.

Credit Union Core Conversion

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