FLEX Check21 Provides Cost Savings for Members 1st Credit Union in Redding, CA

Redding, CA — Members 1st Credit Union based in Redding, California recently
installed Check21 as a fully integrated feature to their core system. This feature
streamlines check processing at the teller level. The credit union has found the
change to not only offer convenience but also substantial cost savings as it eliminates
the need for third-party processes and demands.
“We are extremely happy with FLEX Check21,” said Noel Stratton, Information
Technology Manager at Members 1st. “Each of our tellers in our four branches has a
scanner at their station that integrates with member accounts and the central system.
The overall convenience and access this offers to the staff and members has been
revolutionary and we are realizing huge cost savings. We will pay for the complete
equipment upgrade within three years and now have a direct channel with the
Federal Reserve instead of paying a local bank to clear checks.”
According to Stratton, there are many advantages to integrated Check21, “every one
of our teller stations has a personal scanner to simplify the process.” The items are
imaged and the data is read via character recognition technology placing the check
amounts directly into the transaction system. The images are then instantly attached
to a member’s account for immediate storage and retrieval. The character
recognition process removes the need for tellers to manually enter check amounts.
“Our cash letter is now a point and click process giving us the freedom to send
multiple files in a given day without restriction,” said Stratton.
Prior to the change, Members 1st deposited checks electronically to a local bank
through batches which not only made access more difficult but the credit union was
charged bank processing fees. “FLEX Check21 has removed several layers of complex
third-party technologies by reducing the process into a single core centered solution.
Now, our staff and the member can instantly drill into account history accessing
information immediately following any type of over the counter transaction saving
both our members and credit union substantial time and money,” said Stratton.
Members 1st was chartered in 1936 and serves 17,000 members through five
locations in Northern California and oversees $105 million in assets.

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