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FLEX Announces the Complete list of 2018 Core Conversions

Sandy, Utah (January 2019) – The Utah-based core data processor, FLEX, announced their credit union conversions during 2018.

With another successful year, FLEX continues to strengthen its position in the credit union core processing industry. The 2019 Callahan & Associates’ Core Processors Market Share Guide ranks FLEX #3 in clients larger than $20 million in assets.

“We feel blessed to have roughly 250 credit unions that have placed their trust in FLEX to meet their core technology needs”, said Sean Holcomb, Chief Operations Officer for FLEX. “We remain dedicated to our standard of exceptional customer service and technology innovation as we continue to see our customer base grow.”

“2018 was a tremendous year for FLEX, but we’re not done”, according to Preston Packer, Director of Sales and Marketing for FLEX. “We have an additional 14 credit unions who have signed with FLEX and will convert to the system in 2019 and 2020. We have a great product and our numbers reflect that.”

“It’s impossible to mention all of the good things regarding our conversion process. Our conversion team at FLEX was the absolute best! I never felt like they didn’t have time for me and I could always count on them to get back to me with answers or solutions in a timely manner. Through the conversion process, I had discussions with so many different employees at FLEX and I felt like every one of them wanted to help me and listened to what I had to say. I am definitely happy with our decision to move to FLEX.” – Amanda Skinner, Core Conversion Project Manager at Gulf Credit Union.Gulf Credit Union Converts to Core Data Processor, FLEX

“After extensive research, our credit union selected FLEX for several reasons. This included the user-friendly interface, robust reporting capabilities, their reputation for quality customer service/support, and their willingness to develop and integrate with third parties. We have been very pleased with our decision and look forward to a long-term relationship with FLEX.” – John Graham, Presiden/CEO of Kentucky Employees Credit Union.Kentucky Employees Credit Union Converts Core System

“We chose to convert to FLEX because the product provided the value we needed at the present and the flexibility we desired to meet our long-term goals. The FLEX team was outstanding in guiding and supporting us every step of the way! We are very satisfied with our decision and know it was the right one!” – Sherri McElyea, President at United Credit Union.United Credit Union Data Processing Conversion

“We chose FLEX because we needed a system that fully and seamlessly integrated the Operations, Loans, and Accounting functions of our credit union to enable our staff members to service our members more efficiently.  We also needed a better online banking solution and mobile application, and a business partner that was sensitive and responsive to our unique needs as a small credit union.” – Stephen Hatakeyama, President at Kamehameha Federal Credit Union.Hawaii Credit Union Converts Core Processing Vendors

“I’ve discussed the topic of core conversion projects with several colleagues in the industry and have concluded that the FLEX conversion team was more hands-on, supportive, and knowledgeable about the process than in many other conversion stories I have heard from various credit unions.” – Jennifer Stedt, Chief Operations Officer at North Star Credit Union.  North Star Credit Union Converts Core System

There were a total of nine credit unions that converted to FLEX in 2018, with an additional 14 that have committed to converting in 2019 and 2020. The list of 2018 FLEX conversions are:

Gulf Credit Union
CEO: Ron Burkhalter
Location: Groves, Texas
Assets: $286.5
Members: 26,881

Kentucky Employees Credit Union
CEO: John Graham
Location: Frankfort, Kentucky
Assets: $78.1
Members: 11,084

North Star Credit Union
CEO: Rich Crettol
Location: Cook, Minnesota
Assets: $53.2
Members: 4,994

Responders Emergency Services Credit Union
CEO: Bill Bunze
Location: Spokane, Washington
Assets: $45.8
Members: 2,158

Monroe Telco Federal Credit Union
CEO: Patricia Morris
Location: West Monroe, Louisiana
Assets: $40.9
Members: 4,108

Kamehameha Federal Credit Union
CEO: Stephen Hatakeyama
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Assets: $38.5
Members: 4,186

United Credit Union
CEO: Sherri McElyea
Location: Tyler, Texas
Assets: $26.9
Members: 2,521

Georgetown Federal Credit Union
CEO: Michael Ray
Location: DC, Washington
Assets: $19.4
Members: 4,043

Tri-Ag (WV) Federal Credit Union
CEO: Karen Mason
Location: Morgantown, West Virginia
Assets: $13.1
Members: 2,306

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  1. Vidya Iyengar on January 31, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    Congratulations Sean and your team at FLEX. Nice to partner with a company that is growing steadily. MCCU is building the relationship with FLEX for about 10years. During that time, the response we received from the disaster recovery team during a water damage (at our office in Marion, Ohio) incident was most worthy of mention. The working relationship we have with many individuals at FLEX and the response for any of our recommendations and needs are awesome. CMC/Flex understands the “people business” very well.

    To the newcomers in 2018 – Congratulations, great decision and you won’t regret.
    To CMC/Flex – Congratulations for adding 9 credit unions in 2018 and wish you many more in 2019.

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